Before living in NY I did not know what good applesauce really was. My mom opened up a jar that she bought from a store and dumped it over our pork chops. Occasionally she would put a little Mott's package in our lunches.
My mother in law taught me how simple and wonderful homemade applesauce really is.
Right now I have hot applesauce on my stove. My house smells heavenly and the taste is even better.

I cut up about 9 to 10 apples. (If you want a side dish for dinner, than just do 4 or 5!)
I used two varieties of apples. Cortland and McIntosh. One is a little more tart and one is a sweeter variety. Use what you have. Try a "U-Pick" farm!
Peel (if you want to, my mother in law didn't always do that!) and core the apples. It will go faster if you do cut them in to smaller pieces, but as long as they are cored, throw them in whole!
Place in a pot on the stove with just a little bit of water to start the steam. I used 1/2 cup of water for 10 apples.
Add cinnamon to taste. Add half brown sugar, half white sugar until you have obtained the desired sweetness. Go easy, let the flavor of the apples come through.
Let them simmer on the stove until the apples turn themselves in to a sauce. Stir it occasionally.
This is great as a side dish, heaped on top of hot waffles, or just a snack.
MMMmmmm. Ya gotta love fall!


  1. I MUST make some applesauce! I think it's interesting that you add your cinnamon and sugar to the apples while they are cooking -- I usually wait until I have put it through the food mill (I like mine smoooooooooth. :). Learn something new every day!

  2. Hmmm.. Honestly the thought never crossed my mind. It is how my mil makes the sauce and it is so very tasty. I like the cinnamon to be cooked in to the apples.

  3. I leave the cinnamon and brown sugar out of mine (just plain white sugar for me). I'm more of a plain Jane kinda girl when it comes to applesauce and pie. I do add a little lemon juice to mine. It keeps the apples from browning but if you are adding brown sugar and cinnamon I guess you wouldn't need to worry about that. I also use a food mill to get mine smoother. You can make this with pears too.