Francine’s Brunch

I realize this isn’t a recipe. But it’s a menu and that kind of fits in with the theme of this blog, right? I found this when I was cleaning out my recipe box and I thought it would be fun to take a little trip down memory lane. I don’t know exactly what it says—I can figure out a bit of it, but not all—since I don’t speak French (Danielle, maybe you or Che could translate for us).
“Champagne” Brunch
Salade de Fruit (Fruit Salad)
Oeuf de Poule Culinaire (Eggs)
Quiche Varieta (Variety of Quiche)
Pomme et Saucisse (Apples with Sausage)
Muffin au Myrtille (Blueberry Muffins)
Muffin au Mais (Corn Muffins)
Confiture au Fraise (Strawberry Jam)
Confiture au Myrtille (Blueberry Jam)
Buerre (Butter)
Jus de Fruit (Fruit Juice)
Jue d’Orange de Glace (Orange Juice on Ice?)
brunch 008


  1. What a fun morning that was! Che thought that Oeuf de Poule Culinaire might be eggs prepared a specific way, but wasn't sure. I hadn't thought about posting menu ideas -- great idea! :)

  2. I am remembering some griddle in the middle that we cooked our food on. I can't remember what is was that we did though. I just remember it was really good!

  3. Danielle, thanks for providing the translation.
    Amy, you are probably thinking of Francine's Raclette grill. I know she had us over for dinner once and we had that. I think we fried eggs and heated sausage (like Lil' Smokies) on the top and melted cheese underneath. Then you scrape all that over some boiled potatoes and eat with grapefruit segments and sweet pickles. I think we had Havarti cheese but Wegman's actually has Raclette cheese. Dave and I have been talking about getting a Raclette grill ever since but they are a bit pricey.